Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

Paralel zu allen Projekten entsteht auch ein Oxyboxer Rennmotor !

103x84 OXYBOXER 2.1 vanagon waterboxer case,machined by Geers engineering It has been set up for type1 style lifters,align bored for all type 4 mains,has rear bronze thrust conversion,water jackets removed & been decked etc[head stud inserts converted for 10mm head stud use] to use 4inch aircooled cylinders.Comes with narrowed modified german KS type 4 bearings to suit. new: 84mm flange crank,all type 4 mains/chevy rod journals with matching flange flywheel Scat 5.5 h beam rods[3/8 arp 2000 bolts] Kennedy stage 1 cover All match balanced Flange seal WBX pulley seal Empi pulley modified for WBX case New: JE custom 103mm pistons[with pins/rings and clips] AA 4inch cylinders bored to 103mm and match torque honed to the JE pistons scat straight cut cam gears scat lifters WBX push rod tubes Clevite rod bearings mahle cam bearings

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